Meeting on the Internet: to Friend or not to Friend, that is the Question!


If it’s not these things…maybe reconsider your post


Okay…I know you probably had parental controls on your computer when you were little, maybe you still do.  I am sure you have heard, at least something, about the dangers of being online and social media and blah blah blah…but…these are things to consider!  Check back here on occasion, as I will add to this page…

1) Consider your future!  When you graduate and apply to get a job your prospective employer will likely google you and may even ask to be ‘friended’ so they can see your page(s).  Some employers go back to intermediate school to see what type of person you are!  Be careful what you post.

2) Keep your cloths on!  No joke.  I actually know someone this happened to. So, let’s say you send a sexy picture to your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Two months later you have a nasty breakup.  The person you sent that sexy photo to, in a moment of spite/rage/jealousy/anger, insta-tweet-book-vines the picture to everyone in your group…or worse, posts it to a public site!   Remember, once you hit “send” or you “post” anything, it’s as good as being on a billboard on the freeway.

3) Don’t embarrass yourself!   Did you see the movie “The Duff”?  If you are out having a good time with your friends whatever you are doing may end up online!  Talk to your friends about “what happens in the group, stays in the group”.  At the same time, don’t behave so outrageously that it’s just too good not to post.  Don’t forget…that law firm you want to work for may see that video in 5 years!

4) Don’t set yourself up to be a victim!  So a cutie wants to be your friend online…think twice.  That cutie may be an impostor.  It happens…more than we want to admit.  Be careful what personal information you post. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that a cutie you “friended” is some sociopath stalker.  You are thinking “So what!?  It’s not like I have my address or phone number posted.  I’m not going to meet the person”.  Okay, so maybe you don’t have personal information glaring on your Facebook page.  But…what about last weekend when you were at the the mall near your house, you were there with your friends and you “checked in” online (creepy stalker now knows your neighborhood).  Oh yeah, the pep rally video you posted with the school name on everyone’s shirt…and you posted that?  Guess what, creepy stalker has your school name and likely city….I think you have been found.  Now all creepy stalker has to do is find you on campus, or worse, alone after after school, waiting curbside with your headphones on oblivious to who is coming to pull you in their car.   Not a good thought is it….

You have the option who you connect with online.  So please, for the sake of the future of America, Be smart.  Be safe.  Be well.

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