Ask Anything

Life is tough.  Growing up seems even tougher.   Sometimes there’s something going on that you want input on.  It can be anything:  friends, school, teachers, parents…  Whatever it may be, Notes 2 Teens is here to provide suggestions that hopefully will help, even just a little…

      Dedicated to youth having a happy, fulfilling and productive life

The philosophy behind posts here:  Live and Let Live.

Any advice, from this site or anywhere should only be taken if it feels right for you!  Have a question or issue you think could make a good article – please contact me!  You are the inspiration.    If you need immediate help, please consider checking out the Sites to See page on this site or find a place you can call to get help right now.

I’m here for you.  So help me make this page useful!

Be well and cheers to a life you love, well lived.

The author to this website, Susan, is a native Californian, married and mother of 2 children.  Susan studied business and psychology at California State University, Long Beach and has been a practicing CPA for over 20 years.  Susan has provided years of volunteer service in various settings supporting children of all ages from preschool to high school.

Ask her Anything.


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