On Being a Equal Opportunity Feminist

Feminism is about the idea of women as equals. That’s really all it boils down to.  I’m a Feminist for everyone.  

Have you heard about this new app?  I won’t spell it out…but it’s turned into a place where teens post a query such as “Thoughts on Marty McFly” and then others post anonymously (how convenient is that) their comments. Well, comments isn’t really the right word for it.  It’s more about unabashed hate postings.  

It’s not just this app, it’s rampant in social media. Shaming and derogatory postings about girls and women about their clothing, looks and even further into lewd and thoughtless posts.  It gets shrugged off!  It’s so sad that rude and abusive behavior is becoming normalized in social media. 

This is really hitting me hard. How backwards this is?   As we Americans generally strive towards compassion, tolerance and acceptance, how are our teens moving decades (dare I say centuries) backwards into misogynisitic and degrading bahavior towards women?  Gals take part in this too…a new avenue for the catty hurtful gossip that the teen years seem to just create.

This level of disrespect for others, whether it’s a girl or woman, child or disabled person, boy or man simply has no place in today’s world.  It’s outdated. Especially in America where anyone with the drive can pursue their dreams.  

If you are participating in this in any way, consider it will be you on the other end of some point.  In addition, what do gain by being so rude (usually about people you don’t even really know)?  Our words are powerful.  When we put ourselves out there and into the world, it is our words that will define us.   Cloths change, looks change (both are also subjective), what’s “in” changes.  Our health  and physical abilities change.  What lasts is what we speak and write.  That’s who we are in the eyes of the world around us.  

Think about it.  When you say “she’s mean” or “he’s really nice” are you remembering what they wore yesterday or how they speak and treat others. Look in the mirror!  Who are you?  That’s all on you.  Not your parents or peers or circumstance. You can make the choice about what you say and write and put out into the world.
If you are the one being shit-talked about, well, it’s  time to remove your user ID and bow out of that useless site.  Of course, do this after posting a link to this blog post!   Don’t stand for being mistreated.

We are all human. We are equal in that regard.  We all have a path to finding our best selves.   For your sake, and the sake of the future of this country, remove yourself from the petty backwards minded people who spend their valuable time on the pursuit of tearing others down through rude and hurtful behavior. You deserve better.

Take a stand…Be bold, be well.


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