Make your Choice

Ok…every day we make choices. The choice to get up, how to dress ourselves creating our image to the world, how we nourish our bodies, who we spend our time with, how we speak and what words we choose, how we nourish our minds…you get the idea.

I would like to start a dialogue on the concept that these choices can either bring light and love into the world or our decisions and actions can breed hostility and darkness.   I believe you have the choice to bring to yourself peace through your choices or drama.  No matter what your circumstance. For sure, some moments are easier than others.  Regardless, which do you choose?

I intend to research and continue this conversation.  But in the meantime…are you, in your everyday being, supporting the idea of being American?  Being the person your God wishes you to be?   Standing for the ideals and values of so many of those before us?

Freedom, Human Rights, helping the suffering and oppressed, defending against tyranny, the right to pursue happiness, God, Individualism, just name a few.

You are the future. Who you choose to be matters as every action creates a reaction.  The reaction may be to another person, another living creature, the environment…

I challenge you, as the future of our great nation, to THINK before you choose.

Be strong.  Be bold. Be wise. Be well


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